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Save with In-House Printing

February 3, 2016

Oh Hiya!

Sending jobs out to be printed or copied makes my head whirl. I have to lay out exactly what I need before hand and trust that it makes sense to the printer. Many times, I receive my copies and it is not exactly what the company needs or asked for. Because of these struggles, we recommend running your own copy center!

Once we switched to making our own copies and prints, we saved both time and money. We no longer had to worry about whether the copies would be done to our specifications and received the copies on our schedule!

How did we do it? Stock up on the little things!

All print centers need a variety of paper for diverse projects. I like to keep Xerox Vitality Multipurpose Printer Paper handy for every-day printing. I choose the Xerox Vitality because it is 99.99% jam-free to save even more time and avoid those annoying road bumps. I recommend purchasing small quantities other special papers like glossed or cardstock for client meetings and presentations.

Make sure to always have extra ink cartridges on hand, as well! Running out of ink and needing to scoot to the store can throw a wrench in your day to day work. We carry a variety of ink for whichever printer you have. View our HP ink cartridges here.

Starting an in-house printing center requires a bit of a down-payment, but in the long run you will avoid processing and labor fees. Do things your way and at your schedule!

Until next time,