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No Bandwagon Fans in the Office

November 5, 2015

The 2015 NFL season is in full swing and it’s time to show your team spirit! Whether your team favorites make it to Superbowl or not, the players need your support.
Members of the Pack, Dawg Pound and 13 Man alike love to wave their Terrible Towels whenever they get the chance, and the office is no exception. It may be too far into the season to begin a fantasy league, but there are other ways to bring some friendly competition to the office!

  1. Casual Friday/Game Day: Most offices already allow employees to take it easy on Fridays, but encourage them to wear their team’s colors. You’ll learn a little more about your coworkers and spur some light trash-talking! You might not have known John was a Patriots fan…
  2. Guess Weekly Picks: A fantasy league is a long commitment that requires constant management. Instead, employees can just pick, week-by-week, who they think will win and earn office-wide bragging rights!
  3. Start a Sports “Club”: Every office has that group of die-hard sports fanatics. Encourage them to find each other and start an email-thread, hosting all the stats and reviews they want to share! The club can even host a watch party and branch out to the rest of the office.
  4. Deck Out of Office: Each office, cubicle or desk should be displaying team spirit! Flags, pictures, pennants, posters and customized office supplies can all be used as dedicated cheerleaders. We carry a variety of NFL branded items, like the Swingline NFL 747 Business Stapler, to show your team pride.

There are so many ways to show NFL support from the sidelines. Now it’s time to bring that pride into the office and have fun with your colleagues!