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New Hires? No Problem!

July 18, 2016

Oh Hiya,

Meg here to talk to you about how to get your new employees right on track with the company. Every office has new hires and all new hires are a little lost when it comes to the company “best practices”. Make it as easy on them as you can and keep their desks fully stocked with all the essentials guidelines and documents.

We’ve all been there before as the new employee at a company. It’s intimidating to think of all the ne18w things you’ll need to get under your belt to keep up with the other employees. With this guide, you’ll be welcoming new hires and giving them a great toolkit to start their career at your company while staying environmentally conscious.

  • Print it out- New employees may have take some notes at orientation but it’s so helpful to have a day to day outline guide and frequently asked questions. You can never be too prepared when hiring new employees and I always make sure our team is ready to print extra guides with printer paper. When it comes to the new hire process it’s better to be well stocked and prepared to make a great impression. Make sure you use a double sided print function to save paper!
  • Re-Use- While a guide to a company can be helpful, after an employee gets to know the ropes of the company it’s not quite as useful. A new employee handbook can get lost in the back of a desk drawer and sometimes even thrown away! We laminate our guides with laminator so we’re able to reuse them for new hires throughout the year. Not only is it much more professional to hand out a laminated guide, we can save on paper waste and clutter as well.
  • Organize it- When it comes to orientation for a new employee there can be an overwhelming amount of documents. To keep our best practices guide separate from the rest, we keep it in a file folder. It’s so much easier for an employee to keep track of a file rather than a stack of papers during the busy first days at a company.

A new transition to a company can be a busy time for a new employee, but it can be made easier with a well organized best practices guide! It’s also a great idea to make sure you’re making new employees feel as welcome as possible. This article has some great tips for welcoming new members and making them feel a part of the team.

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