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Keep Your Office Healthy

July 11, 2016

Oh Hiya,

Meg here to talk about office health and office snacks! It’s great to share food, but it’s even more important to stay healthy. Break room food and drinks can have an incredible effect on employee productivity and mentality however, it is also important that it isn’t impacting employee health.

A quick afternoon snack is hard to beat, especially if it’s up for grabs in the break room. It’s usually a bit more budget friendly for a company to have a couple bowls of loose snacks like trail mix or our office favorite, peanut butter pretzels. It’s so easy to stop by and pick up a handful after a meeting or when you need a quick pick me up. A bowl of fresh fruit is another great idea for office snacking. It’s easy to grab a sugary sweet treat when the craving hits and a piece of fruit will keep snacking healthy.

A snack area is a great idea, but in an office setting it’s also so important to remember how quickly germs spread. There are quite a few ways to keep germs in check when it comes to the snacks in the breakroom. If you have a bowl full of loose snacks, keep a big spoon or ladle around for people to use rather than their hands. We keep a stack of napkins next to the bowl for people to carry snacks back to their desk as well. Keeping hands out of the snack bowl is the first step in keeping the snack zone germ free!

Another great idea is to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer right next to the snack area. Even with a spoon to serve out loose snacks, it doesn’t hurt to have an additional option. A bottle of hand sanitizer is such a quick and effective solution for keeping germs away, whether employees are making use of snacks or just staying healthy. The more solutions for keeping away germs, the better! If you’re looking for more solutions for keeping germs out of the office, this article has some wonderful ideas.

Don’t let the fear of germs keep you from enjoying office snacks. By taking a few precautions you can keep the office breakroom full of treats while keeping employee health a high priority. Remember to keep the peanut butter pretzels well stocked!

Until next time,