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Designing a Modern Office

November 25, 2015

The look and design of your office can have a large effect on your productivity. The way which you organize files and have your supplies stored can either boost your efficiency or waste your time. A modern, clean design can streamline and focus your mind.

Here are a couple aesthetic changes you can make to your office to increase productivity:

Technology: Every office has a computer, possibly double screens, a tablet, television, speakers, video chat, etc. Displaying this technology all over the office can be distracting and staring at screens all day can lead to headaches. Be selective with how much technology you keep on your desk. Even storing your cell phone will decrease distractions. Tablets can be used and displayed easily on the Fellowes I-Spire Series Tablet Suction Stand.

Artwork: The kind of art and photos you display in your office can also affect how hard you work. Choose images of things that motivate you and encourage you. Whether your motivation is your family, money or power, you can find images that will promote that dream.

Furniture: Your office furniture determines how comfortable you are and how you move about your space. Your desk should have ample space for doing work, as well as housing your motivational artwork, while your chair needs to support you without putting you to sleep. The 2190 Pillow-Soft Wood Series Executive High-Back Chair has a sleek, professional look, while feeling soft and homey.

Make strategic choices when it comes to technology, artwork and furniture in your office to ensure productivity.