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5 Must-Haves for Your Office Kitchen

May 16, 2016

Oh Hiya!

Meg here and one of my favorite things about the office is our social environment. Talking and getting to know my coworkers on a personal level is very important to me and our office kitchen is the perfect place to do just that! Here are some must-haves to make your office kitchen a social and productive environment.

  • Coffee Bar- Chances are; your office has a supply of coffee already but sprucing up the coffee zone can be a quick conversation starter. Create a small area for cream, sugar, stirrers, and whatever else your coworkers take in their coffee. You can use cute containers and organizers to keep your items neat and in place. Not only will it be a place for employees to chat, it will keep the coffee supplies in order and make it easier to restock when supplies run low.
  • Dirty Dishware- No one likes to have a sink piled high with dirty dishes, least of all in an office space. Keep the sink area clear with a dish rack to store clean dishes and easily accessible dish soap and scrubbers. We use the Scotch-Brite™ Heavy-Duty Soap-Dispensing Dishwand. The long handle makes it easy to use and our office dish pile doesn’t stack up the way it used to. Sometimes a reminder note can keep your office mates in check when it comes doing the dishes as well.
  • Personalized Décor- The kitchen doesn’t need to undergo a full makeover, but sprucing up the decorations can do wonders for the environment. Whether you bring in some easy-care houseplants, new chairs, or brighten up the paint scheme, small changes can go a long way. Another simple idea is to decorate with photos. Have you gone on a company retreat or had a volunteer day recently? Put up a few photos from the event and encourage the office to bring in a few more. Not only will they add a personal touch but everyone will feel a part of the team to see their shining faces up on the wall or fridge.
  • Make a Note- An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen! We use our Quartet® Prestige 2 Connects DuraMax Magnetic Porcelain Whiteboard to keep track of upcoming office events and announcements. It’s any easy way to reach nearly everyone in the office without sending extra emails. But be sure to update the board every few days to keep the message fresh and encourage the entire office to add a few notes in as well. Even if it’s an ever running grocery list, an interactive note board is a great way to get the office in conversation.

Whether you’re just stopping in for a coffee break or holding a team brainstorm session, the office kitchen is a great place to catch up with coworkers and brush up on office events and announcements. With a few quick changes, your office kitchen can be the place to be. For even more great tips check out these essentials for a break room.

Until next time,